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We are committed to building a powerful youth movement by uplifting progressive organizers in need.


Youth Action Fund exists to support young activists and organizers in Florida. In order to create a future for Florida that works for all of us, we need young people fired up and on the ground. With that goal in mind, we offer stipends to help young people make progressive change in their communities. Check out Our Values to see what kind of campaigns we support.

Applicants must reside in the State of Florida and be under the age of 24.

Applications are reviewed biweekly by a diverse cohort of progressive organizers. You can learn more about our stipend programs and apply to them below.


If you want to lead a campaign, but can't think of a cause, fill out this form and we will be touch!


(Up to $500)

Reserved for young people doing organizing/advocacy as an individual and are in need of aid towards personal expenses


(Up to $1000)

Reserved for young people planning a goal-oriented campaign composed of 2-5 people and are in need of aid towards resources for the campaign

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